Shipping & DeliveryShipping & DeliveryShipping & Delivery

Delivery time

The products available in stock are usually delivered within five working days of receipt of payment.

Unless otherwise noted on the product page or for items not immediately available in stock, such those produced at the time of order or customized ones, for which delivery times can vary from 10 to 30 working days.

The special requests of customers, such as delivery at certain times or on certain days, is not applicable in the delivery standard times.

The delivery dates shown above indicate our usual standards and can not be considered exhaustive or binding for Fifty srl.

If you have questions or need additional information on the desired product called the phone number on the home page, or write to customer support.
In the event that an ordered product is not available for an error of the stock, we will call you by mail and / or telephone within 24 hours. You can decide whether to give the order and be reimbursed or give us instructions for changing your order or delivery date.

Some products may require an extra contribution of shipping due to size or weight. You can find any information in the product.

The goods purchased through the site means delivered to the ground floor. From the moment you receive the good you are responsible for the same and the possible decline in the value for manipulation.


Important information

When ordering always provide an address Telephone and Delivery Address where you have the certainty that the courier can deliver during the Working Hours Standard excluding Saturday and Sunday.

If you need to notice Phone or delivery Special hours, write within the space notes.

Always check the pack when you will be delivered!
If you see cracks or tampering, write on the bill of the courier "Accepted subject to ... (indicating the cause: breakage, damage, etc.). A copy of the document will go to the carrier and a copy to you. Then send us an email or fax pictures of any damage and the whole package and a copy of the bubble with the reservation that you signed.

For any information or request for urgency, write to
or call the number on the home page, and we'll provide a quick and accurate response.

When the courier delivery, always make sure that the packages are intact. Spend a minute and check with the driver carefully each outer packaging to verify that there has been no tampering in the casing which, for example, tape removed and / or replaced, cracks or dents of the housing that could have damaged or changes the contents inside.


If you notice damage to the packaging, you will have to appear on the bubble "reserve control for ...... (damaged packaging, breaking box, open packaging, etc. etc.), signing legibly and requiring the countersignature to the courier. If where the packaging is very damaged you will need to reject the delivery. No claims will be in the absence of the Reserve Affixed on the Delivery Note.


The communications referred to above must arrive in writing, by e-mail to Customer Service within 24 hours of receipt of the goods enclosing a copy of the bill with reservations. No claim for differences or damage will be accepted without the bubble with reserve.




Deliveries in particular periods of the year

August due to the holiday period for couriers and suppliers, instructions concerning the order between 1 and 23 August could slip around the end of the month.

For orders received during the period between December 10 and January 6, deliveries could slip to January 15.