Draftech Office Drawers A0 A1 A2

Draftech Office Drawers, A0 A1 A2,  100% made in Italy by Emmeitalia.

Metal drawers of Italian handmade production to guarantee quality and durability.

  • Cassettiere Metalliche Basic A0 A1
    Basic Metal Drawers A0 A1   DRAFTECH Metal drawers made in various sizes, colors and with different number of drawers. Use for schools, professional offices, private individuals who need to archive prints, drawings and much more. Made in Italy, the basic drawer...
  • High Range Metal Drawers - A0 A1 A2
    High Range Metal Drawers A0 A1 A2. Handcrafted by Emme Italia, Metal drawer units are available in various solutions for the number of drawers, color and accessories. Made for Interior Designers, Museums, Architecture Studies and for anyone who needs to archive their work. Delivery 15-30...
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